Monday, October 25, 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4

According to my book of records, there are only three positive things that have come out of the state of New Jersey...  Giants Stadium, The Jersey Shore, and Joe Budden.

The more I listen to Budden, the more I wish he was from NY. Unfortunately, life isn't like the Yankees, and we can't just buy & take credit for all the talent out their in the world of hip-hop. 

That being said, Mood Muzik 4 might very well be the best mixtape/album out of Budden's career to date. The full mixtape leaked this weekend and as I work my way through the tracks all I can think is, "how does this guy not run out of lyrics?" What Budden is doing on this album is giving me hope for hip hop. His lyrics display a great deal of depth, which not only demonstrates his lyrical talent, but the amount of work/time he put into it; which is something I cannot say for most of the main stream rappers (AKA Lil' Wayne) whom often seem like their verses are a freestyle they spit while half comatose. 

The first song I feel in love with off the album is a track entitled, "Black Cloud". Joey has a knack for making what I refer to as, "anthems" - Serious-toned songs that I find myself listening to on the regular that get me focused and amped while I go about my day.

Another song I want to talk about off the album is, "No Idea". Joey demonstrates what I would consider the only "cool" way to sing on a track. No robot-voiced-auto-tuned-bullsh*t, No Drizzy-Di*k-Ridin', just real thoughts and emotions over protools.

"So sick it’s livid, all pics are vivid, 
A stiff of being gifted, gotta be equipped to live with- His critics, misquote him
and miss tid-bits - So he’s mislabeled, misunderstood, misfit’d"

"...A doomed fate,
living with who you’d soon hate.
Ex life partners 

trying to co-exist as roommates.
Once you go through it you’ll believe it
And you’ll never give a woman more than you’ll want her to leave with"

The last track I am going to talk about is called, "Remember the Titans" featuring Royce Da 5'9", Lloyd Banks, and Fabolous. I feel like this track is a way bigger deal than anyone is acknowledging. Again, it comes down to the fact that the only hip hop getting exposure right now is that GARBAGE. I think Royce Da 5'9" put it best when he retweeted the following comment.... "If Remember The Titans was Drake, Wayne, Fab, and Ross spitting the EXACT SAME verses, you ni**as would swear it was the greatest song ever" 

Decide for yourself. 

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