Monday, October 25, 2010

BB King's Bound & Down

Obviously, after I hyped up Mood Muzik 4, it's only natural that I made attendance mandatory for the album release concert tomorrow at one of my favorite venue's, BB Kings.

Hopefully Budden will be in attendance. According to the New Jersey Journal, a warrant has been issued for his arrest after Budden failed to pay $13,000 in child support. A charge he was arrested for a prior time in 2009.

Hopefully my man will use his paycheck from Tuesday night's concert to cover the diapers. I am not trying to miss this concert over some, "baby mama drama". My dad didn't pay child support, and his ass never got locked up for it!

If you're not down with the get down, I suggest you hit up Ticketmaster ASAP for a ticket. They are only $20 and the funds will benefit a young New Jersey baby.

                                                   "Chuck, Chuckin' up the DEUCES"

PS - Joe Budden tweeted at me that he will be going on stage around 11... So don't show up early because there are no opening acts.

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