Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Jay on Roc Nation?

Over this past weekend a new Jay signed with Roc Nation; and this one doesn't end with hyphen "Z".

It's Jay Electronica - A seriously talented MC that has yet to make a serious, commercially successful, breakthrough in the game. However, teaming-up with Jay-Z is almost certain to end this streak. If 'HOV' can do for Jay Elect as he did for another J... J.Cole... We should hear a lot more of the Magnolia Projects prodigy invading our airwaves soon.

The signing came at the distress of P. Diddy, who was working hard to sign Jay to Bad Boy.

(The following is an excerpt from http://www.ology.com/music/new-tracks-jay-electronica-and-diddy-twitter-battle that highlighted Jay Elects and Diddy's beef over Twitter)

Twitter war:

Diddy: “Damn it hurts in a whole other way when someone you felt and I mean really felt was your Friend, Betrays you. It hurts when Breathe.”

Pretty emo, Diddy.

Diddy: “Before we start the week off with Rumors. I am not mad at Jay Z! I’m not mad at anyone! Jz was not the friend I was referring 2 Be clear.”

Nice try at a back-pedal, but of course, Jay was a little offended:

Jay: @iamdiddy you should be more clear than that too brother. betrayal is a serious allegation. real talk

Jay: @iamdiddy and you know im gonna be me so i ant gonna be holding my tongue if you gon be out here emotional and wreckless with it.

Jay: #WhateverHappenedTo Congratulations Blackman, i’m happy for you.

Diddy: @JayElectronica I proud of you! I’m happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you’ I’m not mad at you! All I wanna do is see you win! All love

Jay: @iamdiddy Thank you Blackman. Now Lets GO!!!! #NoBitchassness in 2011. Lets GO!!!

If you ask NYElitist, I find it funny that drama like this is even posted to Twitter. Hip Hop used to be Hard... but man is this some soft serve Carvel type bullsh*t!

Anyways, since the signing Jay Elect has dropped "The Announcement" & "Shiny Suite Theory" - Both of which I would consider STRAIGHT FUEGO.  Those familiar with Jay know he has a unique style, and incredible depth in his lyrics. Take a listen-

"They rather take a shot of Belve just to spite you, they passin' judgements cause they feel they have the right to, Fuck 'em"

"Shhh....T'was the night before the comin', sugar plum candy coated lines for the dummies, decoded Hieroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies, we not Illuminati but our eyes on the money... My minds on the scripture, it's beautiful, I see every line on the picture"

Jay Electronica The Announcement CDQ

jay electronica shiny suit theory feat. jay z the dream and charlotte gainsbourg

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