Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite Tweets

Alright, so I was fairly busy this week and wasn't checking twitter too much, but even I realized it was a weak week for tweet's. Not even 50 posted anything funny, and he's usually on top of his game. 

So this week I am only featuring tweets by a few silly motherfu*kers that I love. Everyone else was ridin' D like they Katt Stacks; and I'm not about to post tweets where you be shoutin' out your boy or whatever. 

(To my readers - If you follow any funny rappers, post a comment and let me know. I'll start following them) 

The few favorite's of the week....

 Wiz Khalifa 

waken...baken...thanken whoever she learned that from

 Joell Ortiz 
dont listen to these stiff ass, stick in the mud, so called ex hustlers yall. Its cool to SMILE and have a good fucking time. word

 Joe Budden 
So last night.. I made some really weird noises while I was bustin.. & this morning she brought it up.. Shit was mad embarrassing, lol

 Joell Ortiz 
Lost my Blackberry AGAIN... Sprint has to be thinking i'm kingpin of an insurance fraud operation by now. smh

 Joe Budden 
Yo, if Dallas doesn't fire anybody after this effort then Jerry really aint tryin to win..


My daughter is so beautiful. She has the best Mother in the world. I love them.

(To quote Ed Lover... C'Mon Son! It's all good you got love for your family, but we ain't trying to hear that bullsh*t.)

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